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A thousand apologies for those who have been waiting with baited breath for the web site updates. It’s just been a really busy year, and I have forgotten about updating this site. The mind is a terrible thing and is the second thing to go (what was the first thing again?). Outside of the usual mundane tasks (work and household chores), there has been a great deal of time spent helping out the Wenches of Local 13, and the gatherings, the meet and greets, the parties, and leatherwork. I have been busier than words can adequately describe it. To give you an idea how busy, I still have yet to go through the pictures from Scarby.


Faire plans are currently underway for KCRF, Table Rock and, TRF. Then there are the plans and parties for the holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Yule, Christmas, and New Years). And let us not forget the other miscellaneous gatherings in-between. I broke down and got Isa a PDA to keep track of them all. The mind is a terrible thing and is the second thing to go (what was the first thing again?).


Site Updates
The about and photo pages have been revised on 09/26/03, but have yet to be reviewed for public viewing by Dodi.

The photo pages have been updated to include pictures taken ath the Kansas City Ren Faire and Table Rock Fantasy Faire. We're still waiting for the 35mm Pics from Table Rock. Also added was a link to the Captain's Leather Page: http://Dreugan.iwarp.com

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"Huzzah! And let the grape dives begin!"

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